Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wouldn't Get Far

"If you kept your legs closed it would be just a waste of time."

I am not normally a Game fan but he came correct with this song and a few others on his CD. While it's not a legendary CD it is better then 90% of what's out there.

I'm Feeling it...

Dork Magazine
A great online mag about art/culture/life of people who think outside the box. One day they are talking about some crazy dude with macs in his basement, the next Qtip, then 3 days from next friday it will be about a French group for Cannuckville. The reason I read it is they are living out my dream, writing, taking pictures and just chillin with your friends for a job...sign me up. Good reading and it might get you into some good stuff that may surprise you. Amy Winehouse-Back to Black My boy Jemar put me onto her and I must say she has a very soulful voice. I don't listen to much R&B because these day it is usually about some dude crying or a female mad her thug boyfriend turned out to be a bad idea. She has an old soul and a beautiful deep voice that personalizes every word she sings. Anyone who is into photography should throw down the $24/year it cost to host pictures there. One of the few places you can keep your photos intact (no resize needed) so quality is as powerful as it is on your desktop. The search function can inspire you and get you out taking more pictures like you should. Fuck you and your pictures, dudes on there will humble you and make you realize how much you suck at life, but that's the point. Surround yourself with a lot of good photographers and up your game. Video Hofesionals getting called out The Game's new song, Wouldn't get far, is letting these harlots in training know there ain't any money in this game for these type of models. In between reading to blind children and building homes for the homeless I came across some recent adult content and noticed video girlology isn't too far from porn these days. Same moves and same over exposed, bad lighting pictures of them on cars. Apparently if you are taking pictures of a girl in a bikini composition, lighting, and overall good picture taking skills go out the window. Now let me be clear, I don't mind a harlot being a harlot just know you are going to be called a harlot. If I threw on some pumps and went outside I couldn't get mad if someone thought I was batting for the other team, ya digg?

I'll think of more shit later, sleep time.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

24/7 We Hustle

Last night I decide to go over to the ritzy part of town to take advantage of their 24 hour Starbucks to study but ended up spending $15 for a coffee and 3 hours of interweb. I wasn't used to going to Starbucks so I didn't know the official lingo or what actually tastes good. I am used to drinking gas station coffee so after the 40 minutes deciding whether I wanted tall or grande, 2 shots or 1, I ended up with a concoction I have no idea what it was called.

Photo taken by: ME

After 3 hours of uneventful reading I realized this was the perfect study spot for all the wrong reasons. THE PLACE WAS BORING! Jesus Christ I felt like I was in an episode of the twilight zone filled with androgynous men and Barbie doll women. The only other black person in the spot was a homeless dude who came in to buy something.

Sidetracked: What's a homeless person doing spending hard earned pan handle money buying coffee in Starbucks? I am really pissed about that. I expect you to buy 2 dollar 40 oz, maybe some crack, and a bread sandwich. Either you are a dancing drunk hobo, or a Crazy shanky hobo. There is no room for uptown chic hobo, gimme back my bread!

No minorities or weird people for miles, you know the weird people we love to hate because we can go home and tell our friends how you saw a man who tried to sell you a koolaid packet. So you need to get stuff done in a public place, hit up Starbucks in a rich neighborhood near you.

This was my test post