Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Botty Man fi Dead (Jamaican Edition)

I have been noticing these more now that I am in a comm/gender class. I found this posted on another board.

THREE men branded as homosexuals were yesterday rescued by the police from an angry mob outside a pharmacy in Tropical Plaza, where they had been holed up for almost an hour.

But even after the police managed to take the young men from the Monarch Pharmacy, one of the three was hit with a stone, forcing officers to fire tear gas on the crowd which included men, women, teenagers and small children.

The approximately 2,000 people gathered outside the Kingston pharmacy hurled insults at the three men, with some calling for them to be killed.

The crowd grew larger as the minutes ticked by and the three men and staff inside the pharmacy were visibly terrified as the mob demanded that they be sent out so they could administer their brand of justice. "Send them out!" shouted one man.

The men, who all had bleached-out faces, and dressed in tight jeans pants and skimpy shirts, were saved due to quick action by police from the St Andrew Central Division.
When the officers arrived and attempted to push the crowd back from the front door of the businessplace they were greeted with some resistance and when they attempted to escort the men to a police service vehicle, which was parked near to the entrance of the pharmacy, one of the alleged homosexuals was hit on the back of the head with a stone as he flashed a wry smile before attempting to hustle inside the police car.

The cops were forced to disperse the large mob by dispensing tear gas canisters and whisking the men away as the crowd scampered in all directions in an effort to escape the irritating fumes.

One man in the crowd was determined to get a chance to beat them and hurled insults at the police when they drove out of the premises.

"Unu can come save them nasty boy yah? Them boy yah fi go down," the man bellowed.

One woman expressed surprise at the brazenness of the men who were clearly displaying effeminate behaviour.
"Jamaica has lost its way if men think they can openly flaunt being gay without any consequences. We don't want that kind of open gay life in this country," the woman said.

Homosexuality is frowned upon in Jamaica and gay rights groups have constantly branded the island as anti-gay.

Under Jamaican law a male can be slapped with a sentence of up to nine years if caught in a compromising position with another man.

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Dramatic Structure

Title has nothing to do with the topic.
I tend to make odd topics for things I can't label.
So I have been digging through my milk crate of records, aka my music folder on my computer, picking out random albums to bump at work. All I do at work is ask for cash from people that owe me owe me owe. I like to put my Ipod in one ear and the headset on the other. I grabbed J Dilla (RIP) Donuts Originals, It's a mixtape of some of the original tracks he sampled for popular songs. I am sitting here bumping it and it's like DAMN! I previously picked Pigeon John and from the post before you see what songs pointed out to me a lot. I dunno, Steve Jobs is using my Ipod to speak to me for real for real. I put on another one of Pigeon Johns Albums on the pod and got the same response. It's like the Ipod is choosing the damn songs for me. I really like the Originals CD because I can never remember the names of old songs mom and pops used to play so when I come across some it's a treat. The playlist is below, Imeem is that fiya!
Rising Action
I started bringing the Ipod to work because it gets crazy boring collecting on people to the point that I drown out their sob stories with a little Wheelz Fall Off. It gets to the point where I want tomorrow to be Friday [my only day off] everyday. Schedule 6am wake up, 9:30 school, 3 work, 8 get home, 10-1 go to sleep. I don't like writing right now or talking to people because theres nothing really happy to talk about. Either I am worrying about graduation, money, future or something else. I remember when I had stories, I remember stories very well.
I chunked up the deuce to facebook the other day. I realized it was more of a problem then I needed right now. I miss the days of telephones and written letters being the only way to contact people. Now with this interweb/cell phones/instant contact world we live in it slows you down and gets your mind off the prize. I am not getting back onto facebook till July 16th. Why that date? No reason just made it up. I will be done with my hard classes and can say fuck it.
Falling Action
I felt damn good this morning for some strange reason even with all that other crap going on. Got up, ran[haven't done that in a while], lifted and I felt like I did in High School [stress free]. {I have this on and off lifting thing but this time instead of doing it to get diesel I am doing it for health. Got the water on me at all times, leafy green veggies, and been out doing the athletic stuff for 7 days straight now, goal is 9 months of 5-7 days a week you dig?Wish I could play sports so I could have fun doing it but I think I will start running marathons to keep my edge up}Felt like my trip to Cancun, waking up every morning knowing there wasn't SHIT TO DO! Just drinking, not looking the natives in the eye, and more drinking. Damn it felt good not having a care in the world but I am sure it gets old and that stress lets you know there is something in your life worth caring about. What's good without the bad?

I done fucked up kids. I lost my fucking day planner and didn't know there was a journal due on Monday. I had already done it a while ago but didn't have it with me so what's the use. I ran home got the paper and came back to turn it in. This is the same class where there are no makeups and the teacher is a royal BITCH! I usually see rationale in peoples strict behavior but she does things to fuck us over, I kid you not. Now its back to my electronic planner [Outlook].

The bold red letters I added for no reason at all, dramatic structure is something we all need in our life.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I just want to tell you I miss you

So I was throwing some random stuff on my Ipod (Got 700 plus CD's on the compy haven't listened to 500) and I threw the Pigeon John CD on there. I think someone gave it to me a while back for some reason because I had never heard of him.

Good lyrical rapper and quite funny. I have listened to the whole CD from track 1 to 16 without skipping anything. Solid album sadly he won't be mainstream any time soon because people don't appreciate good rap anymore.

The song I am currently addicted to:

5 Things That Surely Killed HipHop-by J-Zone

5 Things That Surely Killed HipHop-by J-Zone (Awesome reading material, pass it on)

When not talking about the NBA and pondering Too $hort's influence on JKidd beating his wife, producer/emcee J-Zone and I piss and moan about the colossal disaster that is the Hip Hop industry. Now Zone has taken the time to outline precisely what is fucked up and why it is fucked up, and if you didn't know, he is dead right. Before you go on and read, please take the following advice to heart; stop rapping and get a job. – J-23

"3 Things You Can't Argue about: Religion, Politics & Hip-Hop" - J-Zone

I realize that arguing about music is pointless cause we all got different opinions. a few people wanted my opinion on the "is hip hop dead?" matter and I just put my opinion on my sites. For some reason, it's gotten a lot of unexpected feedback, but what I'm saying isn't really new, nor is there is there a right or wrong answer to that question. If u agree with me that's cool, if you disagree that's cool too. Its music, not life and death. At the least, to read it is a way to kill some time.

Everybody's saying it. Nas titled his album that. People are debating and a few brothers asked me for my humble opinion. So as I watch the Celtics lose their 17th straight on Sportscenter, I'll do a music related blog for once. After all, it effects me right? 5 things I feel are the biggest culprits of rap's downfall. Well actually before I exercise my freedom of speech and somebody gets upset for nothing, let me clarify.

a. I am NOT saying that there aren't a batch of stellar records released yearly, or a group of dope producers delivering fly shit or a handful of rappers that still make you wanna listen. I also know music is subjective and it's all opinion. The great music of today may be on par with the great of yesterday, but in the grand scheme of things, the negatives far outweigh the positives.

b. There's 3 things you can never argue about…Religion, Politics and Hip-Hop. Cause no matter your opinion, somebody will tyrannically oppose and get all fuckin emotional. It's just my humble opinion, relax. Who cares anyway?

c. For the record, the politics at major labels, press and radio are not listed here because they've been around since the beginning of time. And we have ourselves to blame for not manning up to take control of those.. Yo Flex, drop a bomb on that. OK, where was I?


Safety in numbers. Movements, collaborations, big name guests, teams, crew beef, etc. The days of the solo roller are over. In the prime of rap, you were judged solely on your music. Rakim, Nas & Biggie (early on), LL, Kane…they all built their legend on music alone. Hell, Rakim had no guests on his first 4 albums. Sure there was Juice Crew, Native Tongues, Lench Mob crew, etc. But it wasn't mandatory. Then for some reason, in the mid-late 90's, it became totally necessary to have a movement. A crew with 1,000 different artists all on the same team. Touring together, crew t-shirts, beef with other crews, collaborations, etc. Not that that's a bad thing, but it's like people cannot identify with one artist, there has to be a movement or somebody else involved to validate them. Look at today's most successful artists. They all have a movement. Roc-A-Fella, Def Jux, Stonesthrow, Rhymesayers, G-Unit, Dipset, Wu-Tang, Hieroglyphics, Okayplayer, etc. Or if you're not part of a movement, you collaborate with other high profile artists. Doom, Danger Mouse, etc. It's all about cross-pollinating fan bases. You don't? You die. And for some reason, I see Da Youngstas album, Da Aftermath, as the beginning of this from a beat standpoint. That and Run DMC's Down With The King (both 1993) were the first albums I can remember to use a lot of different producers with totally different sounds. It worked back then, they were dope albums. But it wound up being a cancer.

Nowadays you need a Timbaland track, a Neptunes track, a Just Blaze track, a Dre track, a Kanye track for people to really care…and for the most part it sounds like a collection of songs, not an album. Why not let one of them just do the whole fuckin album? Can't please everybody, why make a futile attempt? Good albums are about a vibe. Wu-Tang was a movement, but it was cohesive and made sense because they all vibed together and RZA was the sonic glue. Sans Illmatic, Ready to Die and a few others, every single great rap album had a maximum of 3 producers and 3 guests. In this fascination with movements, name association and special guests, we've lost album cohesiveness and the focus on just music. It's no longer about how dope you are, it's who you rollin with and who's cosigning what you do. And usually 92% of the crew isn't up to par with the few star artists in the crew. Quantity rules, not quality. You can have a 5 mic album, but nobody cares unless there's a bunch of other people involved. 10 producers and 7 guests. And now so and so with a platinum album can put his wack ass brother or cousin on and cheapen the game, cause they're part of the movement and its about who you with. Back in 88, Milk D said he had "a great big bodyguard" on Top Billin. But that was it. In 2007, there would be a Great Big Bodyguard solo album.


Like the crew theory, this is about quantity. People want more, even if it means a dip in quality. Some people can put out music quickly and do it well. Some people just want to bombard the market for the sake of doing it. Rakim did albums every 2 years. EPMD, Scarface and Ice Cube did it every year and that was considered fast. Nowadays, if you don't have 2 albums, 5 mix tapes and 10 guest appearances a year, you're slippin and people forget you. This attempt to keep up with the rush has cheapened the music. Now you have regular mixtapes marketed as albums, just a bunch of thrown together songs for the fuck of it. But to survive these days, you have to do that to stay in the public eye. There's far too many slim line case CD-R mix tapes out, and as important as mix tapes are to rap, the very vehicle that helped it grow is now playing a part in killing it.

Now everybody has forgotten how to make cohesive projects, so we cover it up by labeling it as a mix tape. The value and pride that full length albums used to symbolize are no more. Mixtapes now triple the number official albums in artist's catalog and never has music seemed so cheap and fast food. Not to mention, when the majors went completely awry in the late 90's, the indie rap scene went out of control with too much product. When I debuted in 1999, there were maybe 25-30 other indie vinyl releases out that mattered. And mine was one of the only full length albums. So it was only a matter of time before I got a listen, it didn't matter that I had no big names on my record and came outta nowhere. Try that now. To go to a store and see the foot high stack of one sheets for new records, mix CD's and DVD's dropping weekly makes you see you have a snowballs chance under a fat girls ass to survive in that world. Look at how many releases a week are on Hiphopsite, Sandbox, Fat Beats, UGHH, etc. The high profile artists get some attention, and everybody else gets ordered in ones and twos, if that. So today's new talent making his debut is in for an uphill battle. Great records go unnoticed. Rap is now a disposable art. Mr. Walt of Da Beatminerz once said "you work 16 months on an album and get a 2 week window of opportunity. After that your record is as good as dead for most people." That sums it up.


When rap stopped being fun, I knew we were in big trouble. Not too many people are doin music for fun anymore. Ask yourself, "would I still mess with music as a hobby if there wasn't any money in it?" Too many people would say no. We all wanna get paid. Shit, I got bills too, I love money! But too many people just seem like they'd rather be doing other shit. You read in interviews, "I don't care about no rap, I'd rather be hustling. I just do this cause I can." Hey, whatever floats your boat, I can relate, there's been artists like that since the beginning of time, but they were never the majority until now. Having fun is nowhere near as important as your life before you got signed. And there's plenty of battle MC's, political MC's and killer thugs but it seems there's not many funny artists no more. Like on some Biz Mark, Humpty Hump, The Afros shit. Not afraid to go to the extreme and have fun. God forbid you use your imagination or rap about something not involving Hip Hop, the hood, you bein the shit, the end of the world or what color your car interior is.

I live in Queens, less than a mile from 50 Cent's old house. Nobody really knows I make music over here. Some kid from over here saw me in The Source a while back and said "Yo I ain't know you was in it like that, yo why you ain't tryin to pump your shit out here and let people know, you should rep the hood. 50 did it" Why should I? I'm not on the block tryin to push weight, I'm out there walking to Walgreens for my Grandmother, on my way to the park for a game of 21 or to watch a game at the local high school. I'm a grown ass man with a college degree and I like my neighborhood, but I choose to rap about my beat up car, not dancing in clubs, women with bad hygiene and too many kids or ball playin rappers with limited ball skills, cause I ain't a street cat and I'd rather show the lighter side of life. And that was never a problem back in the day.

Okay those ain't completely new topics, but it's like rappin about those things these days gets you marked as novelty rap. Biz rhymed about a lot of this same shit back in the day, but it was still accepted as legit Hip Hop. 2007? He could never do a song like The Dragon. Little Shawn & Father MC rapped about the ladies with some R&B beats. De La Soul were labeled as hippies. But all those dudes would beat yo fuckin ass if you got out of line! They were soft by no means, they just wanted to do the music they enjoyed, cause rap is supposed to be a way to have fun and get away from the everyday stress, while not limiting yourself. The thing that made rap so dope in the "golden era" was the balance of styles. You had clown princes like Biz, Humpty Hump, Kwame and ODB later on. You had political brothers like X-Clan, PE, Lakim Shabazz, Poor Righteous Teachers, Kam, etc. You had the explicit shit on Rap-A-Lot and the whole 2 Live movement in Miami. Hip-house like Twin Hype, new jack shit like Wrecks-N-Effect, the whole Native Tongues thing, the hard South Central LA shit, the Oakland funk…and they all co-existed, were all dope and they all had fun regardless of their style. King Sun made On The Club Tip and then did Universal Flag. Lakim Shabazz, Twin Hype and Wrecks-N-Effect had raw battle rap, Geto Boys and Ganksta Nip were hilarious, PE had the yin and yang of Chuck and Flav and ODB was a ferocious battle MC.

Even the more serious political rap…everybody seemed to be enjoying making music. Gangsta rappers had a fuckin sense of humor back then. Mob Style might have been the hardest group I've ever heard and they lived it. But them dudes also showed other sides and sounded like they enjoyed music, because it was an escape from everyday bullshit. Tim Dog, was hilarious and hard at the same time. Even if it was a joke to some, the shit was good listening. Suga Free is an ice cold pimp for real, but he has a sense of humor and approaches his music doin what he feels. Who says rappin about a girl with no teeth or going to the store with coupons ain't "real"? Everything is "real", people forget that. Everybody is so concerned with being feared and taken seriously, they can't come off those insecurities and do some guilty pleasure shit. Even the producers. If you can't show your other sides and bug out in your music, where can you do it? Stop being scared and break some fuckin rules. Put some 300 pound girls in your video for once! Laugh at yourself dog, you ain't no killer 24/7. You ain't battling MC's and being a lyrical lyricist mixtape murder 24/7. Havin fun is almost hip-hop faux pas these days. Rap is dead without balance...period.


"Boop Boop, it's the sound of the police!" Yup, the legal police. Hip-hop is based in illegality, but not maliciously. Ironically, many people got into it to stay out of legal troubles (a life of crime), but technically this positive move is also seen as a life of crime by the powers that be. Mix tapes, remixes, sampling, parodies (somewhat)…the appeal of hip-hop was always rearranging the old to create the new. It's the lifeline of the music. One man's treasure is apparently another man's trash. In the wake of DJ Drama getting busted by the Feds for selling mix tapes that the labels and artists themselves approve and benefit from, it has never been more evident that the RIAA and their legal vendetta have just pulled the IV. We all knew that the late 80's way of taking 8 bar James Brown loops and not clearing was bound to catch up to us. I can live with that. You have a platinum album and loop somebody's whole shit, break'em off some money and publishing, its only right. But then the lawyers and courts got tyrannical. Now 1/8 of a second sample can run you the risk of legal action. Ouch. I remember having a beat placed on a TV show and the music supervisor panicked after the fact because he swore the snare I used sounded like it was sampled. Wow. I understand melodies, but somebody can own a snare sound now?

This is pretty lousy, but to this point it only affected some of the major label stuff and big corporate gigs. No more. Myspace is now shutting down pages that post remixes. WHAT!? I find that completely ass backwards. I know a few dudes that were warned, and others shut down without notice for posting remixes of major label songs with COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE ACAPELLAS!. WELL WHAT THE FUCK IS AN ACAPELLA AVAILABLE ON A RECORD FOR?! TO BE REMIXED! DING DING…MESSAGE! Now to take that remix and release it on a major label and make 50 grand is one thing. But to have fun with remixes and post them on a myspace page, where ZERO DOLLARS can be made directly off of it, is completely harmless promotion for all parties involved. Not anymore.

Back in the day to be on a Kid Capri, Double R, S&S, Doo Wop, Silver Surfer, etc. mixtape was the best thing to happen to an artist and their label. An unknown producer leaking a dope remix to a popular artists record was a way to get buzz and a way for the industry to find new talent. Taking pieces of old music and creating something new (like the Bomb Squad) wasn't looked upon with the seriousness of a gunpoint mugging. But in a day where album sales are down, no artists or labels are seeing any money, CD's have foolishly been raised in price, interpolating one line of Jingle Bells in your song can get you sued and you can't post a remix for promotional and listening purposes only…you can see the music and legal industries have officially declared war on rap as a knee jerk reaction to their own failures. And as idiotic and unjust as things have become, they have the loopholes of law on their side.


Oh boy. Talk about a double edged sword. Never has it been so easy to get your music heard. If I make a dope beat, I can put it on my myspace page and it's up in an hour (depending on the servers, it may be "processing" for about 3 years). No more spending money and wasting time for records and test presses. Now people in Arkansas that only have MTV and the internet can hear my music. Limited distribution isn't as big a problem as before. Everybody is almost equal, shit we all have myspace pages. But look at the flipside. Everybody is almost equal, shit we all have myspace pages. There is so much shit out and the internet lurks with a million people doing the same thing, it's virtually impossible to stand out. Back in the day, you had to work your way up in the business. Havin a record was in most cases a privilege and a reward for your hard work. Catalog meant something. We're in an MP3 world now, and somebody in their bedroom is on an equal plane with somebody that's paid dues and worked hard. That's great for the kid with talent and no vehicle to get heard. That sucks for the no talent hacks on myspace that post advertisements for their wack music on your comments page.

The internet also killed rap's number one asset. Anticipation. How many can remember buying a mixtape and hearing 3 dope joints from an upcoming album on a mixtape? You couldn't wait to cop the album. And you didn't hear the album 3 months in advance cause there was no way to spread it that fast. And in rare cases where the album leaked, you had to get a tape dub and even when you did, you still bought it. I remember hearing Lots Of Lovin, Straighten It Out, TROY and Ghettos Of The Mind from Mecca & The Soul Brother 2 months before it came out. But I couldn't find any other songs. That drove the anticipation up and got everybody talking. We were all eager to support. In 2007, the album would leak months in advance, you burn it and that's it. I'm not complaining cause that won't change things, but that was a large part of what appealed to me and many others about music, especially rap. No more. No artwork & physical cd to read the credits and shoutouts (remember those!?), no anticipation, it's old news by street date, the shit don't sell and here we are. Tower's closing, the legendary Beat Street is closed, Music Factory is a wrap…people don't realize that rap as we know it is done. Labels are fuckin suing common civilians for file sharing! A physical copy no longer matters unless you're a collector.

Back in the day, you would never see internet beef. It's just stupid junior high shit. People leaving threats and talkin shit via myspace, people getting hurt over e-beef at shows, kids on message boards flexin muscle and actin hard. Great! Now that we have a bunch of killers on wax, we got a bunch of em posting in forums. Cute. You can sit in a bedroom in Mexico and talk about knockin out somebody in Finland and it will never come back to you. Hip hop bravado and the anonymity of the web…it don't get more junior high. The internet was the blessing and the curse of rap music. I may catch heat for this, but I think the best thing is to blow up the industry and start over. There is still great music and I will enjoy making this music til I pass on, even if only as a hobby. I will still be diggin for records, makin beats, playing instruments and watching old movies for inspiration. But sometimes things need to fall apart to give birth to greater things. The fall of rap in its current state may give birth to something bigger and better. It's what I'm banking on, cause realistically, how much longer can it go down this road? I'm not saying go back in time. Classic rap artists may have been influenced by Cold Crush and Melle Mel, but they took that influence and added something different on to it to create something new. "We need to bring it back to 88!". NO WE DON'T! Ultramagnetic didn't say 'we gonna bring it back to '74' They just did them, and until that principle can be followed again, I say fuck fixing an abandoned building. Hit it with a wrecking ball and rebuild!

A response on the site:
Posted By: darkchild | Tuesday, February 20, 2007
man look at the authors picture son look at that boi head what fuck that got inhis head nigga dont do that shit no more he proly got that cause nas got that shit andson look at his shirt that boi got a button up purple shirt holdin up a 2 live crew album lil roc head lookin ass nigga and he proly got some fuckin addias on wit the tounge out and no shoe strings lame ass right slimdude this is a dick rider

HipHop is dead and this generation killed it :)

The Gospel According to Me

So everywhere I turn I have seen religion popping up. In my comm gender class, online in articles about hip hop, and people in general. I have had arguments about religion but when it comes down to it you might as well fight over who thinks the sky is bluer, no one wins. Two things have stuck out to me, the bible and born again Christians.

Now before I go into this be warned I make blanket statements so don't get all fucked up in the head about it. I know not everyone falls into the same category because I have common sense, not all black people steal but some do deal with it. I know its religion so I know people tend to get touchy, I will actually bring that up as well because I don't understand that either, being overly touchy that is.

So I am a Christian to the extent that I grew up Christian and my values are based off of Christianity, although some could argue it as being "good." Because without the bible I still wouldn't kill people, you feel me? Born again Christians or at least most I have met are new to the religion so they are like that person who just saw Coming to America, "Hey Mike let your soul glow! HIGH 5" No, No high 5's for you because that's way old go away. It's not their fault and it's not that bad just a tad bit outdated.

The bible, I take it as a decent guide of what to do and some good stories for inspiration that did happen but not the way they are written. I cannot take it word for word because I just watched an episode of the Simpsons, if you told me to write down what just happened (on the Simpsons) today and then you ask me again tomorrow it will be completely different, same overall but different none the less. I have said this to a few people and added that there are biases in the bible against women and other folk. So one argument I heard was "Well if they wanted to change the bible they could have changed anything they wanted" Well yes but history says otherwise.

America could have made slavery a tried and true law written in the constitution "Anyone this skin tone or one drop of blood is considered property" there could have been so many laws enacted and they could have influenced the whole world on the subject to the point they don't think it is all that bad to have slaves. Well why didn't they? Because deep down it was bad and they knew it. How could you be a civilized nation with slaves, they knew eventually they would have to give up. So instead of giving up a total work force and treating them equally they enslaved their minds instead of their bodies and damn did it work. Look at me I am America I am helping people in Kosovo but we still own slaves wouldn't cut it. Just like Monks in England saying Moses grew up in Ireland wouldn't work because you already have the book in other languages saying otherwise. So what do you do? Use your language and switch things up.

This is where things get tricky because I don't think they did it purposely. I doubt King James sat down and maliciously changed the bible with his evil wicked hand. Same way there is no one white "man" sitting there in his ivory tower making 50 cent make us look bad. I do believe the cultural biases effect how you translate something. In ASL class there are things called "classifiers" there is no English translation or anything comparable to it. So if I had to translate classifiers what would I tell someone who didn't know ASL? I would tell them what I know and what makes most sense. It's not a direct translation, its a translation that I know and thats all it can be. My hearing bias and use of english, growing up in the south, having jamaican parents, being heterosexual, being black, liking rap over rock music etc...would all have a role in the way I translated those classifiers whether I liked it or not and might in the end alienate deaf people without be knowing it.

So the point of all of this? What sparked this? There is a crazy born again that is on an art board I am on who constantly brings up God and people are always yelling at him. He thinks he is right and that's fine but I can't see the point in being so wrapped up in religion to the point it takes over your life. My spirituality is my own if you told me I was wrong I would just shrug my shoulders. You can call Jesus a poopy head and I wouldn't care. Now if I have a bible and you start ripping it up I would stop you because that's going to far, unless its your bible then all I can do is walk away. When it comes to words and others opinions of Christianity it's their business and doesn't affect my life.

I never talk about religion but I had to bring it up. I get my "keep it to myselfness" from my mom. My mom took me to church for 18 years then let me do what I wanted. She goes to church every Sunday and listens to only the christian station in her car but you will never hear her preaching to other people about it. My dad doesn't even go to church. I asked my mom about that recently and her response was "He is a grown man, I don't care what he does." I am guessing thats where I get my neutrality, and the way I keep things to myself when it comes to God. In the end I believe in God but I can't speak for him so I don't feel right preaching to others using the bible. I can however do it using logic and only if it affects me personally, people who are around me at all times.

Meh I just wanted to get that out of my system. I will curl back up into my ball of keeping it to myself, bye now!

PS this place BLOWS! Myspace blogs you can actually search for people who are normal and like the things you do. Sadly it's not Myspace :(

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Damn I missed it!

After watching this video I wanted to see Gnarls live but apparently they were already in Sunrise Fl on the 31st touring with Red Hot Chili Peppers. I am not a big fan of rock and roll and would like to see a tour consisting of Lupe, Gnarls, Talib, Kanye, Common. Hopefully they all drop their next albums around the same time.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

So I constantly look for inspiration for pictures but I can never find black pictures. Every black woman online wants to be a video model. Pictures with high saturation, bad lighting, and nothing artistic. These days people think looking off to some non existent object is deep, sorry it's not. So I stumbled across these pictures the other day and didn't know who they were by. Thierry Le Goules, is the photographer and the group is called SOUL. Ha, it took a white man from France to capture black women in a light I have never seen before. The pictures were taken in the 90's for a gallery in South Africa and feature all the top black models of the time, Iman etc...

I love the pictures because they are so rare to find. Hip Hop is dead, Photography is dead, and the all mighty dollar reigns supreme in our culture. We know what makes money so we stick to it and dig our own graves with those ideals. No thinking outside the box, and when someone does it is put down as either not being black or just plain sell out. People wonder why I don't like I Love New York, Flavor of Love, Undercover brother books, or Southern take on hip hop. It is all the same recycled trite garbage. Not all of it is garbage and it's not like there is nothing coming out of black culture but I think we need a new renaissance.


Saturday, February 3, 2007

Racism is Bad

While this is satire, I wonder sometimes how whites take racism and how they have conversations about it? I would picture it like this except add an uncomfortable black man and put it in a public place.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Pet Spa

So I sign on today and see this video and die laughing. Went to look at the responses and there are 4000 comments of angry pet lovers saying that this person should die for doing that. I will always say people in America like their pets way too much.

Why Blog?

Just wanted to answer why I blog.

1. I want to improve my writing skills
2. Take more pictures, I have 2 digital cameras I should use more often so I will try my hardest
3. My opinion is king and I would be sinning if I let the interweb go without it

Whew, glad we got that out of the way.

Botty Man fi Dead

So I have a class that speaks on sex and gender (For those who don't know Sex is scientific a la genitalia while gender is specific on the society, 'men dress this way, women dress this way.') and today we had a straight shoot out.

The Cast of the Classroom
"Liberal" Man/Women- Everyone should hold hands and dance under rainbows and shit skittles. I say Man because I don't think there are many men in the class like this but I think they are intimidated by the rest of the men.

Moderate Men/Women- Don't mind people who are different but doesn't mean you need to hang around them. Live in reality, where bad things happen, people don't like other people, but as long as you aren't killing people it's ok.

Quiet Folks- They just sit and watch the onslaught and don't say anything, it's nuts no matter what viewpoint is said they don't speak up which is very boring to me.

So today we were speaking on the taboo topic of Homosexual's (Queue: evil villain music) and of course we have 3 Trinidadians, 1 Bahamian, Southern White, and an Extra nigga black dude. So they are all against it but they aren't shouting "Kill Gays" they would say things like "As long as they don't touch me...A gay man in a locker room is the same as a straight man in a girls locker room so of course we would feel uncomfortable...If my son was gay I would love him but be disappointed." Now in my opinion these are all very valid statements that make total sense.

I hear some of the Liberals make statements of disgust about how intolerant the Moderates are being towards homosexuals, but where do we draw the line people? My philosophy is if you see a gay man big deal, if a gay/transsexual tries you by either sexually harassing you or falsifying their identity (a man with a sex change who doesn't tell you) will get beat up. Why is that so hard? If a man in general tricked you or harassed you about anything else that person is allowed to beat their ass but if you do it to a gay person its horrible? Every one of the guys there who said they don't like the action of being gay would give gay people rights and just because they don't like gay people doesn't mean they would kill them.

In our society it seems to be either black or white. Either you love gays or you want to tie one to a fence and murder them. Same thing goes for race, just because you are white and don't want to stop at a convenience store with 13 black dudes standing around outside wearing tall T's and pants falling down doesn't mean you hate all black people and condone segregation. There's places in the south I wouldn't stop and there are places in my old neighborhood I could understand why some people wouldn't stop because hell we do sometimes look frightening, Same goes for gays in this culture. Sure most gay people don't walk around eying men or sexually harassing them but don't think it has never happened.

It's sad that some people do kill gay people for no reason but they are in the minority. What percentage of American's would actually take another persons life in the first place? You are dealing with idiots who if they didn't kill that gay person would end up in trouble over something else either way. Like women, minorities, and the handicap there are certain places you can go and know you won't be safe. I wouldn't walk into a biker bar in the Midwest and expect to be greeted with a friendly hello. That doesn't mean I won't get one and maybe nothing will happen at all but on the same note you COULD walk down the street in Iraq every day for a month and nothing will happen but probably wont do it.

I don't want this blog to take away from the point that there is violence in America against gays, minorities, and women but remember freedom isn't free. I would love there to be a day that no one has to worry about some asshole with a chip on their shoulder, but assholes with chips on their shoulders created this country. That's why a female leader in Europe or holding hands with a man isn't that big of a deal while it would be here. Our Forefathers had to hold up a system that used free labor (they lived with) to build a nation, they had to be asshole bigots to make that. Europeans colonized countries, left, then taxed them and went home and got fat, blacks didn't build parliament ya digg? American's on the other hand had to live with the people they abused so it made them into insecure paranoid freaks with fears of the black penis, women succeeding and gays finally fighting back. What other kind of society would you expect? :) Love it or leave it AMEEEERICA!

Sad way to look at our country but it's reality and the scarier part is it's polar opposite. It seems that since we are so extreme in our racism and gender bias that the other side is nuts about building this society where everyone can be what they want and everyone be happy. Sorry I will never accept a man in a dress nor take him seriously, won't kill him or be mean, but we won't be playing xbox together any time soon.

Disclaimer: It's much more detailed then this, I just don't feel like writing a 13 page blog.