Thursday, February 1, 2007

Botty Man fi Dead

So I have a class that speaks on sex and gender (For those who don't know Sex is scientific a la genitalia while gender is specific on the society, 'men dress this way, women dress this way.') and today we had a straight shoot out.

The Cast of the Classroom
"Liberal" Man/Women- Everyone should hold hands and dance under rainbows and shit skittles. I say Man because I don't think there are many men in the class like this but I think they are intimidated by the rest of the men.

Moderate Men/Women- Don't mind people who are different but doesn't mean you need to hang around them. Live in reality, where bad things happen, people don't like other people, but as long as you aren't killing people it's ok.

Quiet Folks- They just sit and watch the onslaught and don't say anything, it's nuts no matter what viewpoint is said they don't speak up which is very boring to me.

So today we were speaking on the taboo topic of Homosexual's (Queue: evil villain music) and of course we have 3 Trinidadians, 1 Bahamian, Southern White, and an Extra nigga black dude. So they are all against it but they aren't shouting "Kill Gays" they would say things like "As long as they don't touch me...A gay man in a locker room is the same as a straight man in a girls locker room so of course we would feel uncomfortable...If my son was gay I would love him but be disappointed." Now in my opinion these are all very valid statements that make total sense.

I hear some of the Liberals make statements of disgust about how intolerant the Moderates are being towards homosexuals, but where do we draw the line people? My philosophy is if you see a gay man big deal, if a gay/transsexual tries you by either sexually harassing you or falsifying their identity (a man with a sex change who doesn't tell you) will get beat up. Why is that so hard? If a man in general tricked you or harassed you about anything else that person is allowed to beat their ass but if you do it to a gay person its horrible? Every one of the guys there who said they don't like the action of being gay would give gay people rights and just because they don't like gay people doesn't mean they would kill them.

In our society it seems to be either black or white. Either you love gays or you want to tie one to a fence and murder them. Same thing goes for race, just because you are white and don't want to stop at a convenience store with 13 black dudes standing around outside wearing tall T's and pants falling down doesn't mean you hate all black people and condone segregation. There's places in the south I wouldn't stop and there are places in my old neighborhood I could understand why some people wouldn't stop because hell we do sometimes look frightening, Same goes for gays in this culture. Sure most gay people don't walk around eying men or sexually harassing them but don't think it has never happened.

It's sad that some people do kill gay people for no reason but they are in the minority. What percentage of American's would actually take another persons life in the first place? You are dealing with idiots who if they didn't kill that gay person would end up in trouble over something else either way. Like women, minorities, and the handicap there are certain places you can go and know you won't be safe. I wouldn't walk into a biker bar in the Midwest and expect to be greeted with a friendly hello. That doesn't mean I won't get one and maybe nothing will happen at all but on the same note you COULD walk down the street in Iraq every day for a month and nothing will happen but probably wont do it.

I don't want this blog to take away from the point that there is violence in America against gays, minorities, and women but remember freedom isn't free. I would love there to be a day that no one has to worry about some asshole with a chip on their shoulder, but assholes with chips on their shoulders created this country. That's why a female leader in Europe or holding hands with a man isn't that big of a deal while it would be here. Our Forefathers had to hold up a system that used free labor (they lived with) to build a nation, they had to be asshole bigots to make that. Europeans colonized countries, left, then taxed them and went home and got fat, blacks didn't build parliament ya digg? American's on the other hand had to live with the people they abused so it made them into insecure paranoid freaks with fears of the black penis, women succeeding and gays finally fighting back. What other kind of society would you expect? :) Love it or leave it AMEEEERICA!

Sad way to look at our country but it's reality and the scarier part is it's polar opposite. It seems that since we are so extreme in our racism and gender bias that the other side is nuts about building this society where everyone can be what they want and everyone be happy. Sorry I will never accept a man in a dress nor take him seriously, won't kill him or be mean, but we won't be playing xbox together any time soon.

Disclaimer: It's much more detailed then this, I just don't feel like writing a 13 page blog.

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Everybody's a little bit gay as my Pych teacher would say.