Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dramatic Structure

Title has nothing to do with the topic.
I tend to make odd topics for things I can't label.
So I have been digging through my milk crate of records, aka my music folder on my computer, picking out random albums to bump at work. All I do at work is ask for cash from people that owe me owe me owe. I like to put my Ipod in one ear and the headset on the other. I grabbed J Dilla (RIP) Donuts Originals, It's a mixtape of some of the original tracks he sampled for popular songs. I am sitting here bumping it and it's like DAMN! I previously picked Pigeon John and from the post before you see what songs pointed out to me a lot. I dunno, Steve Jobs is using my Ipod to speak to me for real for real. I put on another one of Pigeon Johns Albums on the pod and got the same response. It's like the Ipod is choosing the damn songs for me. I really like the Originals CD because I can never remember the names of old songs mom and pops used to play so when I come across some it's a treat. The playlist is below, Imeem is that fiya!
Rising Action
I started bringing the Ipod to work because it gets crazy boring collecting on people to the point that I drown out their sob stories with a little Wheelz Fall Off. It gets to the point where I want tomorrow to be Friday [my only day off] everyday. Schedule 6am wake up, 9:30 school, 3 work, 8 get home, 10-1 go to sleep. I don't like writing right now or talking to people because theres nothing really happy to talk about. Either I am worrying about graduation, money, future or something else. I remember when I had stories, I remember stories very well.
I chunked up the deuce to facebook the other day. I realized it was more of a problem then I needed right now. I miss the days of telephones and written letters being the only way to contact people. Now with this interweb/cell phones/instant contact world we live in it slows you down and gets your mind off the prize. I am not getting back onto facebook till July 16th. Why that date? No reason just made it up. I will be done with my hard classes and can say fuck it.
Falling Action
I felt damn good this morning for some strange reason even with all that other crap going on. Got up, ran[haven't done that in a while], lifted and I felt like I did in High School [stress free]. {I have this on and off lifting thing but this time instead of doing it to get diesel I am doing it for health. Got the water on me at all times, leafy green veggies, and been out doing the athletic stuff for 7 days straight now, goal is 9 months of 5-7 days a week you dig?Wish I could play sports so I could have fun doing it but I think I will start running marathons to keep my edge up}Felt like my trip to Cancun, waking up every morning knowing there wasn't SHIT TO DO! Just drinking, not looking the natives in the eye, and more drinking. Damn it felt good not having a care in the world but I am sure it gets old and that stress lets you know there is something in your life worth caring about. What's good without the bad?

I done fucked up kids. I lost my fucking day planner and didn't know there was a journal due on Monday. I had already done it a while ago but didn't have it with me so what's the use. I ran home got the paper and came back to turn it in. This is the same class where there are no makeups and the teacher is a royal BITCH! I usually see rationale in peoples strict behavior but she does things to fuck us over, I kid you not. Now its back to my electronic planner [Outlook].

The bold red letters I added for no reason at all, dramatic structure is something we all need in our life.

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