Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Gospel According to Me

So everywhere I turn I have seen religion popping up. In my comm gender class, online in articles about hip hop, and people in general. I have had arguments about religion but when it comes down to it you might as well fight over who thinks the sky is bluer, no one wins. Two things have stuck out to me, the bible and born again Christians.

Now before I go into this be warned I make blanket statements so don't get all fucked up in the head about it. I know not everyone falls into the same category because I have common sense, not all black people steal but some do deal with it. I know its religion so I know people tend to get touchy, I will actually bring that up as well because I don't understand that either, being overly touchy that is.

So I am a Christian to the extent that I grew up Christian and my values are based off of Christianity, although some could argue it as being "good." Because without the bible I still wouldn't kill people, you feel me? Born again Christians or at least most I have met are new to the religion so they are like that person who just saw Coming to America, "Hey Mike let your soul glow! HIGH 5" No, No high 5's for you because that's way old go away. It's not their fault and it's not that bad just a tad bit outdated.

The bible, I take it as a decent guide of what to do and some good stories for inspiration that did happen but not the way they are written. I cannot take it word for word because I just watched an episode of the Simpsons, if you told me to write down what just happened (on the Simpsons) today and then you ask me again tomorrow it will be completely different, same overall but different none the less. I have said this to a few people and added that there are biases in the bible against women and other folk. So one argument I heard was "Well if they wanted to change the bible they could have changed anything they wanted" Well yes but history says otherwise.

America could have made slavery a tried and true law written in the constitution "Anyone this skin tone or one drop of blood is considered property" there could have been so many laws enacted and they could have influenced the whole world on the subject to the point they don't think it is all that bad to have slaves. Well why didn't they? Because deep down it was bad and they knew it. How could you be a civilized nation with slaves, they knew eventually they would have to give up. So instead of giving up a total work force and treating them equally they enslaved their minds instead of their bodies and damn did it work. Look at me I am America I am helping people in Kosovo but we still own slaves wouldn't cut it. Just like Monks in England saying Moses grew up in Ireland wouldn't work because you already have the book in other languages saying otherwise. So what do you do? Use your language and switch things up.

This is where things get tricky because I don't think they did it purposely. I doubt King James sat down and maliciously changed the bible with his evil wicked hand. Same way there is no one white "man" sitting there in his ivory tower making 50 cent make us look bad. I do believe the cultural biases effect how you translate something. In ASL class there are things called "classifiers" there is no English translation or anything comparable to it. So if I had to translate classifiers what would I tell someone who didn't know ASL? I would tell them what I know and what makes most sense. It's not a direct translation, its a translation that I know and thats all it can be. My hearing bias and use of english, growing up in the south, having jamaican parents, being heterosexual, being black, liking rap over rock music etc...would all have a role in the way I translated those classifiers whether I liked it or not and might in the end alienate deaf people without be knowing it.

So the point of all of this? What sparked this? There is a crazy born again that is on an art board I am on who constantly brings up God and people are always yelling at him. He thinks he is right and that's fine but I can't see the point in being so wrapped up in religion to the point it takes over your life. My spirituality is my own if you told me I was wrong I would just shrug my shoulders. You can call Jesus a poopy head and I wouldn't care. Now if I have a bible and you start ripping it up I would stop you because that's going to far, unless its your bible then all I can do is walk away. When it comes to words and others opinions of Christianity it's their business and doesn't affect my life.

I never talk about religion but I had to bring it up. I get my "keep it to myselfness" from my mom. My mom took me to church for 18 years then let me do what I wanted. She goes to church every Sunday and listens to only the christian station in her car but you will never hear her preaching to other people about it. My dad doesn't even go to church. I asked my mom about that recently and her response was "He is a grown man, I don't care what he does." I am guessing thats where I get my neutrality, and the way I keep things to myself when it comes to God. In the end I believe in God but I can't speak for him so I don't feel right preaching to others using the bible. I can however do it using logic and only if it affects me personally, people who are around me at all times.

Meh I just wanted to get that out of my system. I will curl back up into my ball of keeping it to myself, bye now!

PS this place BLOWS! Myspace blogs you can actually search for people who are normal and like the things you do. Sadly it's not Myspace :(

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