Thursday, February 15, 2007


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So I constantly look for inspiration for pictures but I can never find black pictures. Every black woman online wants to be a video model. Pictures with high saturation, bad lighting, and nothing artistic. These days people think looking off to some non existent object is deep, sorry it's not. So I stumbled across these pictures the other day and didn't know who they were by. Thierry Le Goules, is the photographer and the group is called SOUL. Ha, it took a white man from France to capture black women in a light I have never seen before. The pictures were taken in the 90's for a gallery in South Africa and feature all the top black models of the time, Iman etc...

I love the pictures because they are so rare to find. Hip Hop is dead, Photography is dead, and the all mighty dollar reigns supreme in our culture. We know what makes money so we stick to it and dig our own graves with those ideals. No thinking outside the box, and when someone does it is put down as either not being black or just plain sell out. People wonder why I don't like I Love New York, Flavor of Love, Undercover brother books, or Southern take on hip hop. It is all the same recycled trite garbage. Not all of it is garbage and it's not like there is nothing coming out of black culture but I think we need a new renaissance.


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