Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dumb like white people looking for weird Noises...

So I am chillin in the common area? I guess that's what it's called, fuck it the Marshall Center. You know listening to Redman's new CD and people watching. So far, Red is crazy niggerish...love that nigga...no homo. The Ice Cream man skit is crazy funny.

Back to people watching, there are a lot more gay dudes on this campus then I remember. Freshman-Junior I don't remember gay dudes but I saw a group of gay black dudes just now...say word? Word. No problem with it just thought it was interesting.

Procrastinating is an art but not gettting shit turned in aint fun. I have a $55 penalty payment for taking Driving school 30 minutes late, yep 30 fucking minutes. I finished the test on March 1st 12:30 AM March 1st, shit was due the 28th, I thought it was due the 2nd. So the city of Tampa sent me a letter saying "Nigga betta have my money or we gonna start pulling cards, warrants and what not, ya heard" *Legal papers should be mad ignant*

Paul Mooney is that nigga for reaaaaaaaaal. He sounds gay as shit but you can see where Dave Chappelle got his stand up from. I am listening to his older 90's stuff and it sounds exactly like Chappelle today. I heard he stopped saying Nigger since Kramer, but fuck that still say nigga fuck that non funny muh fucka.

When the drama's out I pull the cameras out, licking shots and what not.
You know gangstafying shit that ain't gangsta
"Yo Mike you get that xbox 360?"
"Mos Def, I got it for the low and sold it for the high on ebay"
"So you gonna re-up nigga?"
"Naw the market is too saturated imma wait for a drought then when nobody got it Imma hit the streets with them birds."
"Yeah nigga, so we getting ice cream or what?"
"Fa sho"
Back to pulling cameras out, I took some new pics this weekend for my club on campus. They ain't seen me in a minute I was on my Hermit J-O for a minute and will be till May. So here there are for your viewing pleasure. There were pics taken of me with my camera but don't no one kno how to use shit so they all came out dark...damn negros.

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