Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Getting the fuck outta dodge!

Meh I dunno yet but I am pushing towards hitting up Chitown for a few years just to get out of the South. It's getting harder and harder to find people of your own race down here who are into other things then trivial things. I have heard of one lounge near me and that's in Orlando, maybe I am just out of the loop. Only thing stopping me is 9 percent sales tax up there and cost of living, I can get a much bigger house down her for less money then up there. Most people I know who went to school with me are in Philly, Boston, LA, Seattle and I just feel like I am stuck in Tampa. If its 12pm and you want to do something you can either go to a bar or a club, that's it. Unless you have a get together but options down here just seem so one sided while up there there is variety. For instance people think I am crazy because I knew only one Hatian and one Jew growing up, but theres not much variety here. Either you are Black American, Red Neck, or a Snow Bird. I am sure there are plenty of everyone here but they are all mixed in and you barely see them. There isn't a part of town that you can hit up any random store in that area and you hear the same accent, go to MIA and hit up a random publix and it will have a jamaican, spanish, or whatever theme to it.

Meh I will probably stay here because for real 189k gets you a banging crib down here, up there its a one bed one bath in the city.

Well back to a normal tip, I got friends in Chicago that randomly put me onto new shit and I cant find this mans songs anywhere online so I am guessing he is a local act but hit his page up and check out the first song "Confused" good shit.


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