Sunday, March 4, 2007

Prebiting/New Black Movies

I have noticed a horrible trend going on these days in the world of blogs. I tend to read a lot of blogs, some I respond to some I don't. Well the horrible thing I noticed was a bad case of prebiting. It's like you seeing a fly jacket online, then looking up and seeing a dude in your class wearing it, prebiting ass nigga. Now he may not be guilty in the eyes of the law but you know deep down he is two steps away from fucking your girl, taking your job, and opening your presents on christmas.

All day I see things I want to write about but never do because I don't write them down. Well as I waunder through my daily blogs I see someone write something I was thinking. Now I can't write that because I will be accused of biting even though I thought of it first.

Topics that were prebitten:
Black movies I have been noticing lately seem like a resurge of blaxplotation. Terrance Howard is the person who made me realize this. He is the new Sam Jackson, in every damn movie. Now he is in a movie about niggas swimming...yep swimming ass darkies. Why? Why? Why? Niggas can't swim the end. Yes we all know niggas can swim but they really can't. 8 out of 10 black people I meet can't swim or can only doggy paddle. Now we are making a movie to show we can swim and we can beat white people YAY!!! Just like in Crash we reminded us no matter how smart you get you are still a nigger. Hustle and Flow reminded us that pimps have hearts too, and white women will fuck anything for anything.

I don't want you to think I hate black movies, fuck that I love black movies. Lean on Me, Do the Right Thing,and any blaxplotation of the early to mid nineties has a special place in my heart. Just like rap music moving to gangster style in the early to mid 90's it was ok back then. There wasn't a machine churning them out using the same actors every 5 minutes (other then spike lee but he was feeding them, he got a pass). I am sick of Terrance Howard, Jamie Foxx, and the other dozen or so actors they rotate every 5 minutes. I saw a new black actress in a movie and was like "Huh? I have never seen her, the fuck is going on?"

New 2008 Black movie ideas
Black hockey team teaches Canada how to love again.

Door to door Magic Shave salesman teaches gillette how to make a razor for black men, and in the process shows America how to love again.

Super rich Doctor/Lawyer/Scientist/Foodmart Owner/Church going black woman who created the colors purple and the number 7 can't find a man to love her. So she goes down to her local supermarket where she finds Rodney the smartest nigga in Atlanta (7th grade education) and falls for him. Watch as Rodneys hard work ethic and keeping it real attitude teaches her how to love again.

Black man invents time travel ends slavery and teaches colonial America how to love again.

Theres more prebitten stuff I wanted to write about but I forgot, this is not a joke I actually did while writing this.

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