Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Sealy Posturepedic Mixtape

I am still on my "I never listen to these album's" albums these days. Like I said before I got a shit load of old school, underground, experimental CD's people have given me that I never listen too. Or ones I have that I never got around to listening too.

Dear Album,

Sorry for sleeping.

Mike(putting the fun back in fundementalist)Starks

Consequence - Don't Quit your Day Job
Chi-town native and GOOD music representer of the Grammy Family fame. I put the CD on my ipod and haven't taken it out ever since. I once read that Chicago is cursed with not having any bad rappers and so far its been true. Now the CD is hot but it's not the greatest of all time. I have to skip a song maybe every 5 songs so it doesn't have the continuous play factor but overall good album.

Viktor Vaughn-Viktor Vaughn Vaudeville Villain
AKA MFDOOM AKA MadVillian AKA King Geedorah
Most will know him by MFDOOM when he teamed up with Danger Mouse and created The Mouse and the Mask album for Adult Swim. I got onto Doom around the time that album dropped and knew Viktor Vaughn was one of his Aliases but didn't give it a listen till recently. Good production, great lyrics, and experimentation make this album a must listen. Plus there are breaks in the album where spoken word poets spit rhymes in the Open Mic Nite Skits.

K-Os - Atlantis: Hymns for Disco
Dude looks like the dark skinned dude in Black Eyed Peas, refuse to say his name sellout ass nigra, hopefully K-Os don't add a white chick to his crew to sell some CD's, I keed I keed. This album takes a couple listens and you have to have an open mind. He has some upbeat songs and a few slow ones. It's one of those driving out to the far away mall to scoop a pair of rare Dunks on a Sunday afternoon with a bad chick in the whip type cd's. Something you can vibe to and she might not complain and ask you to turn it to the radio.

For all my slow folks out there the title of this has to do with sleeping on these albums, get it? I didn't listen to them therefore I was sleeping...huh huh? Get it? Huh? whatever.

Side Note: I want a black and gold hoodie/t-shirt
I don't want to pretend to be a thug
but you catch my drift. BTW my
Gilligan's Island beard is growing in
quite nicely. I think I will try to beat
Santa out this year for most gangsterific

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