Tuesday, April 3, 2007

My business is going public

So I cleaned up the myspace, removed personal blogs, and went public. AINT THAT EXCITING!!!!!!!! NO not really it just gave me an excuse to erase my blogger bloggerson. I had some that were personal and private that I wrote down because I felt I should remind myself sometimes...I am a forgetful person you know. I actually had a part 2 of this blog but forgot, you may think I am joking but I am not I do the shit all the time, pisses me off. I am going to pull some memento shit "Buy Milk...Eat Banana...3 o clock doctors appointment...Kill Roscoe!? But Why?!" (I guess you had to see the movie)

Ok I remembered, your boy, hero, secret lover needs glasses. Moms has glasses and I remember being a jit and finding her glasses for her all the time "Mike help me find my glasses...They are right in front of you mom" So I am using this as an excuse to be flyer then usual. Gotta cop the prescription dwayne wayne glasses, you ain't up on this! I haven't gone to the eye doctor yet but my vision is doubling up.

Going to church on Friday. I don't want to but I got a friend that's been sweating me to go to church for like a year now and hell I ain't doing nothing that night so might as well. Me and church been beefing since like 1998 after attempt after attempt found it to be more of a social stomping ground for middle age women and niggas looking for cutty. Fakest people on earth I ever met go to church and preach to me. Imma hit the church with no bias this time though I probably won't go back, I know it sounds bad but let's be for real. Me and God been over this a few times.

Random thoughts
Can't wait for the last season of The Wire
Start working full time w/benefits for real for real 9-5 hustla in April (only got an online class over summer) then graduation
Niggas would rather be broke and famous then rich and anonymous
Week 2 of training for my marathon in Chicago in October...damn it hurts (All them PSA's about having diabetes and dying and what not got me scared, need to get my hustle on)
School Sucks as always...I want cake like everyday my birfday
Murs H.U.S.T.L.E.R. Song is real as hell, selling bullshit for small hustles speaks to the average dude.
Chipolte is expensive but damn good

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