Thursday, October 30, 2008

You gonna become unsuccessful?

As we have all heard Obama has raised enough money to form a small nation, 600 million, during a recession at that. Obamaniacs think all is fair due to the attacks that are being thrust at his character due to deep seeded racism. McCainiacs are screaming for reform on spending for elections since this is by far the greatest amount of money ever earned and who wants an opponent with that much money? I agree somewhere in the middle.

Republicans have rich friends and over the past elections they have used third party groups to cast a shadow over whoever the Democratic candidate was. This was the initial reason Obama wanted to use his own money because he might have to fight groups like Swift boat who took Kerry down. Like a Campbell Brown video told us this never materialized and now it is making Obama look like he has way too much money, in the eyes of conservatives. While Obama is blowing people away with his fund raising and Democrats are going crazy it can come back to bite us in the ass.

The biting in the ass will commence in two ways. One the Repubs will use this to show a rich candidate when they are losing their homes. Another way this will come back is future elections will no longer have the caps of public funding because they see how much money is to be made. Think about this time in 4 years we will see an insane blitz of negative media coming from the right that will make Obama's campaign look like a bake sale. Once the economy stabilizes the moral police will be up for reelection and as we all know once America is fat and everyone is eating people tend to forget about finances and stick to the moral route.

The reason I am backing Obama so hard is even though the right is screaming Obama has spent more on negative campaigning, which is true, it is not character attack or lies. Obama is downing McCain on his voting record, economics, and temperament, all things worth looking at in a President. McCain is running a campaign that digs into America's hatred of the unknown. Is he a Muslim is he a terrorist sympathizer? They might not out right say some of it but they have Fox News and others to push this on Americans.

It frightens me to see what would happen if they had 600 million or more to spread hate speech. The most horrifying thing I have seen in this election is the mob mentality that turns every bad into a good. They turned Joe the Plumber, something that if you actually listen to the conversation and look at Joe's income you will realize Obama will help him, into something completely different and people are just following it. They made a nation think they needed a Joe Six Pack for president. I don't want to see what 1 billion dollars will do for the religious "moral" right.

If Obama is elected it will set a new standard on presidential funding and the Republicans will learn, regroup, and retake this country. Too many people in this country will believe anything on Fox News to the point that it makes me want to put an IQ limit on who can vote. I love Obama getting support and love but I am fearful of what is to come. I am saving up so I can move to another country, feel free to come with me.

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