Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gay people got no reason...

As you all know there were Amendments passed in a few states to ban gay marriage and gay adoption. While all the liberals were in the booth to vote a black man into the White house they decided to take some rights away from gays and it's a damn shame. I have no gay friends nor will really have any, I used to work with one and was nice to him and his friends would hit on me NO THANKS! I know that makes me sound bigoted but really it's my life, I can choose who I want to hang out with. Same way I am pro choice but if it's my kid, have it I'll take care of it.

One thing I can't do, being a Christian, and a black man in America, is judge and take the rights away from someone. I have no problem with how someone else wants to live their life and my beliefs have nothing to do with them. My mother is crazy religious and voted NO on these Amendments because she also feels what 2 consenting adults do is their own business. Saddest part is 79 percent of the black people who voted, voted FOR this shit. Am I the only one who finds this unbelievable. On one hand we go forward in civil rights while taking 2 steps back.

A few fun facts on Marriage.
1. The bible didn't create what we consider modern Marriage, Pagans did.
2. The Best man was created because in what was considered Germany men would kidnap and forcefully marry women. The best man came along to help the groom fight off the family of the woman.
3. Men carry women over the threshold because people thought Evil Spirits go through the soles of your feet and men would carry them to make sure they didn't.
4. The ring finger was thought to connect to your heart and the ring on your finger was to put a "collar" on your heart.
5. Brides maids were there to dress the same as the Bride so Evil Spirits would be confused about who the bride was.
6. Blacks were considered property and not allowed to marry. Once that was gone they then weren't allowed to marry whites. This was also backed up by preachers and the bible as well.

So yes all those arguments about religion have no basis since most of what is considered marriage in America have nothing to do with religion.

Someone explain to me what's horrible about letting people get married, how does that affect you in anyway possible? Anyone who uses religion for an excuse, shut up, I can use the bible to reinforce why women and blacks shouldn't have rights. Along with marriage a lot of them can't adopt kids now. This boggles my mind, America is not the best country on earth because if it was it would provide civil rights for instead of some.

I hope someone responds for that shit, and if you do please explain to me how doing this is different then segregation? Let ME KNOW. None of that "Man I ain't for that gay shit" responses.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Me X Morton Girl Collabo: New World Order

My dude Teef made a blog about people pouring salt into the Obama win. Basically aggin's want to celebrate and smarty art aggin's are throwing salt into the game, yeah that's me son! My new initials are N-A-C-L ALL DAY!

Let me get something out of the way first. I was watching CNN yesterday and it hit me that Obama is the President. I mean I knew he was the President but it's like WOW he is President. It's like running 10 miles feeling great then you wake up the next day and can't walk. I wasn't one of the people crying or bugging out, I was the person like "Obama Get off the STAGE!" I was holding my breath making sure he didn't get shot at. It's gonna be a long 4 years because every time he is in public it's gonna be like a scary movie, "DON'T GO IN THERE OBAMA! WHEW! Yo I thought he was gonna get it that time, ok day 100 he is still safe, check!"

[Salt] Right after he won CNN cuts to 3 young black people in DC or Chicago, one of those places. One looks extra slow , the other got on red, green and black beads with her fist up, and one has a sweater with tie and dress shirt. I am praying they only talk to the last one but NOOOOO. First Turtle McGee with his girbauds on speaks up "Yeah I really feel like I can be anything I want to be now." SHUT UP! You are 20 and you were Girbauds and speak slowly get out of here! Then we got the Black Panther on some extra black, we got yo country hostage shit then turns around with her fist up. Then the last sane man on earth speaks up. Unlike everyone else on some "I can be a Lion now if I want to be" he is a realist. He says this is a stepping stone but we still have a long way to go and have a lot of work to put in.

I turn on the news and it's like people just assume their kids are going to do great in school and be CEO's just because Obama is in office. I realize the man is a symbol of "hope" but realistically if your kids were doing bad before they are still now. A lot of blacks doing bad have to do with their parents. Poverty is a part but poverty doesn't make you stupid, laziness makes you stupid. My mother didn't have money but she read to me every night and checked to make sure I did my homework. All of this was done while she worked 2 to 3 jobs to get by.

There is no problem with partying and celebrating the first black president but if you don't go home and start reading to your kids or investing time to having good relationships for your kids to look up to, you have no right, the end! I mean if you are already doing that then do you drink up, party, it's a celebration. If you are jumping from woman to woman having kids, keeping broken relationships sewn together out of being afraid to be alone, or finding babysitters so you can go to the club, fuck out of here, I don't want you doing NOTHING!

Until the people on the bottom do something to get out of their situation, black men step up and be fathers, and this whole "I'm that Dude, Swag!, Ignorant bullshit" gets deaded we aren't moving nowhere. Obama or not he said it himself if you don't actively try to change your lifestyle there is nothing he can do.

If you plan on party also plan on bringing up the community, I mean at least follow the mans dreams.

While I am here lets make some official Obama Rules:
1. Obama is not nor never will be your "Nigga" he is not to be refered to as that nonsense, that shit is saved for you!
2. White people voted too, stop acting like the 11% of black people in this country can elect anyone by themselves. If it wasn't for Hispanic and white voters this never would have happened.
3. Status Updates/Myspace status can not involve anything about lambo's being blue, enough.
4. Obama will mess up and doesn't have all the answers.
5. "Racism" Is no longer an excuse to not succeed, actually this has been gone for a while. There are more black Doctors and Lawyers then Pro Ball players yet people act like you have to rap or have a mean jump shot to make it out the hood, no get a grant and go to college.

I am done with being salty let's add some fun to this!

Here's the rest of the videos they are great.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hope Vs Alienation

I was never one to think McCain was evil and even now I don't think he is evil, I think he got desperate and tried to win the way W had beaten him. I was listening to MSNBC podcast and Rachel Maddow had an interview with Obama and she asked him why he had not attacked the right or conservatives as a whole? He answered he didn't like the Bush administration, he has nothing against Conservatives or Republicans as a whole. I don't care what anyone says this is what makes him so popular, not being black, not any of those things. He shows you being nice will always win out over being sarcastic and mean.

I saw McCain realize what he had done when the people were Booing Obama and calling him a terrorist and he was having to correct them. I could see in his face that he had become something he had always protested just so he could win and in the end he couldn't go back to the 2000 McCain he had to stick with it.

I have followed this campaign more then I have any other I can remember and it's because of what he has to say and what he represents. Obama rallies are a mix of all kinds of people from gay to straight and black to white anyone is welcome. McCain rallies are looking more and more like whites only activities. Even the young are turned away from the man and it's sad and symbolizes how much negative campaigning and alienation can defeat you.

I wrote this after reading about a middle aged southern conservative white man who was forced by his wife to canvas for Obama. He was given a low income black projects to canvas with his wife and would knock on the door of someone who he would never speak to before and as soon as he said Obama their face would light up and welcome him in. Here is a rich white conservative banker from the south having something in common with a low income black family from the south. You don't see that with McCain. You don't see that kind of unity that bridging of classes, race, etc...with McCain. he is too busy spouting words I don't even think he believes in.

I will end with this. Obama had a rally and the crowd started booing McCain and he stopped them and told them don't boo, vote! I bet McCain sees that and wishes he could command that kind of campaign but he has sold his soul to the devil, and I am not even upset I am more sad for him*.

*He hasn't lost yet so maybe I will be mad at him later, LOL.

Mixtape: Viva La Hova

I was given the heads up on this album by my boy Ronnie. He sent me the link to the free mixtape, Viva La Hova, and of course I had my reservations. It's not that I don't like Jay or Coldplay, I actually like both a good amount, it's just that it is a mashup. A mashup can either be fantastic or a huge disappointment. You get beats and old lyrics that don't quite match up, you see this a lot with Biggie and Pac verses added to new tracks. This CD however was a very nice surprise. They matched up the vocals and beats almost perfectly with a nice mix of old and new Jay-Z tracks. My personal favorites are Miss Trouble and Public Speeding, the latter because of one of my favorite underground producers Cookin' Soul produced the track. We rarely have debuts I am hyped about these days with good CD's coming out months between each other the only thing we can look forward to are these Mixtapes. Hopefully this tides you over till the very suspect 808 and Heartbreaks/Blueprint 3 drops.

PSA: Business Casual

Facebook needs an official filter for Friends/Ex's/Connects/Coworkers/Future Ex Wives. I have had to erase a few comments because I have people on facebook that I don't have on myspace that know only certain sides of me. Example my coworkers are on facebook so while I might post something radical I tend to keep it PG-13. The pictures of me drunk and screaming fuck the world blogs stay on Myspace. Example, I have 300 friends on facebook whom I have all met in real life minus only a handful who know my on myspace and added me to their facebook. Myspace, 112 friends almost all are internet friends who I act reckless with.

Today for instance I was writing on my friends status and me and another friend got into it then I had to stop realizing who could be looking at this compared to if I had done it on their myspace page. Same thing with a status about me getting drunk I put up and ended up taking down because I remembered coworkers are heavy on facebook and I don't play that "Mike so you were drunk" shit on Monday mornings ya dig?!

Facebook: My real name, my real email, my real cellphone, not private, Kosher, safe news articles about politics.
Myspace: Fake name, Fake Email, No contact numbers, Private, reckless, crazy blogs about sex, politics and racism.

This ends my PSA and know that I talk in vague inside joke language like ("Tar baby is still that deal even though I don't mention her that much" "Mail Room Sue doesn't get dissed no more since she cut her first independent album" "Clementine you are mad comic relief, stay in school learn to read!") on facebook, see 99 percent of you have no idea what I am talking about. If your comment gets deleted it's not personal it's just business. Feel free to comment though, I don't want an empty wall just keep it 100 on myspace and 50 on facebook.