Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gay people got no reason...

As you all know there were Amendments passed in a few states to ban gay marriage and gay adoption. While all the liberals were in the booth to vote a black man into the White house they decided to take some rights away from gays and it's a damn shame. I have no gay friends nor will really have any, I used to work with one and was nice to him and his friends would hit on me NO THANKS! I know that makes me sound bigoted but really it's my life, I can choose who I want to hang out with. Same way I am pro choice but if it's my kid, have it I'll take care of it.

One thing I can't do, being a Christian, and a black man in America, is judge and take the rights away from someone. I have no problem with how someone else wants to live their life and my beliefs have nothing to do with them. My mother is crazy religious and voted NO on these Amendments because she also feels what 2 consenting adults do is their own business. Saddest part is 79 percent of the black people who voted, voted FOR this shit. Am I the only one who finds this unbelievable. On one hand we go forward in civil rights while taking 2 steps back.

A few fun facts on Marriage.
1. The bible didn't create what we consider modern Marriage, Pagans did.
2. The Best man was created because in what was considered Germany men would kidnap and forcefully marry women. The best man came along to help the groom fight off the family of the woman.
3. Men carry women over the threshold because people thought Evil Spirits go through the soles of your feet and men would carry them to make sure they didn't.
4. The ring finger was thought to connect to your heart and the ring on your finger was to put a "collar" on your heart.
5. Brides maids were there to dress the same as the Bride so Evil Spirits would be confused about who the bride was.
6. Blacks were considered property and not allowed to marry. Once that was gone they then weren't allowed to marry whites. This was also backed up by preachers and the bible as well.

So yes all those arguments about religion have no basis since most of what is considered marriage in America have nothing to do with religion.

Someone explain to me what's horrible about letting people get married, how does that affect you in anyway possible? Anyone who uses religion for an excuse, shut up, I can use the bible to reinforce why women and blacks shouldn't have rights. Along with marriage a lot of them can't adopt kids now. This boggles my mind, America is not the best country on earth because if it was it would provide civil rights for instead of some.

I hope someone responds for that shit, and if you do please explain to me how doing this is different then segregation? Let ME KNOW. None of that "Man I ain't for that gay shit" responses.


The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I guess you got all the comments on this over on Myspace. This is nothing but truth. Banning gay marriage and gay adoption saddens me. If the gays want to suffer w/being legally linked up w/shiftless spouses and bratty kids, let them go on and join the club. It's the American way!

asia kismet said...

yeah i was really sad about this. as progressive as i thought california is...they didn't vote that way.