Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hope Vs Alienation

I was never one to think McCain was evil and even now I don't think he is evil, I think he got desperate and tried to win the way W had beaten him. I was listening to MSNBC podcast and Rachel Maddow had an interview with Obama and she asked him why he had not attacked the right or conservatives as a whole? He answered he didn't like the Bush administration, he has nothing against Conservatives or Republicans as a whole. I don't care what anyone says this is what makes him so popular, not being black, not any of those things. He shows you being nice will always win out over being sarcastic and mean.

I saw McCain realize what he had done when the people were Booing Obama and calling him a terrorist and he was having to correct them. I could see in his face that he had become something he had always protested just so he could win and in the end he couldn't go back to the 2000 McCain he had to stick with it.

I have followed this campaign more then I have any other I can remember and it's because of what he has to say and what he represents. Obama rallies are a mix of all kinds of people from gay to straight and black to white anyone is welcome. McCain rallies are looking more and more like whites only activities. Even the young are turned away from the man and it's sad and symbolizes how much negative campaigning and alienation can defeat you.

I wrote this after reading about a middle aged southern conservative white man who was forced by his wife to canvas for Obama. He was given a low income black projects to canvas with his wife and would knock on the door of someone who he would never speak to before and as soon as he said Obama their face would light up and welcome him in. Here is a rich white conservative banker from the south having something in common with a low income black family from the south. You don't see that with McCain. You don't see that kind of unity that bridging of classes, race, etc...with McCain. he is too busy spouting words I don't even think he believes in.

I will end with this. Obama had a rally and the crowd started booing McCain and he stopped them and told them don't boo, vote! I bet McCain sees that and wishes he could command that kind of campaign but he has sold his soul to the devil, and I am not even upset I am more sad for him*.

*He hasn't lost yet so maybe I will be mad at him later, LOL.

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