Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mixtape: Viva La Hova

I was given the heads up on this album by my boy Ronnie. He sent me the link to the free mixtape, Viva La Hova, and of course I had my reservations. It's not that I don't like Jay or Coldplay, I actually like both a good amount, it's just that it is a mashup. A mashup can either be fantastic or a huge disappointment. You get beats and old lyrics that don't quite match up, you see this a lot with Biggie and Pac verses added to new tracks. This CD however was a very nice surprise. They matched up the vocals and beats almost perfectly with a nice mix of old and new Jay-Z tracks. My personal favorites are Miss Trouble and Public Speeding, the latter because of one of my favorite underground producers Cookin' Soul produced the track. We rarely have debuts I am hyped about these days with good CD's coming out months between each other the only thing we can look forward to are these Mixtapes. Hopefully this tides you over till the very suspect 808 and Heartbreaks/Blueprint 3 drops.

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