Sunday, November 2, 2008

PSA: Business Casual

Facebook needs an official filter for Friends/Ex's/Connects/Coworkers/Future Ex Wives. I have had to erase a few comments because I have people on facebook that I don't have on myspace that know only certain sides of me. Example my coworkers are on facebook so while I might post something radical I tend to keep it PG-13. The pictures of me drunk and screaming fuck the world blogs stay on Myspace. Example, I have 300 friends on facebook whom I have all met in real life minus only a handful who know my on myspace and added me to their facebook. Myspace, 112 friends almost all are internet friends who I act reckless with.

Today for instance I was writing on my friends status and me and another friend got into it then I had to stop realizing who could be looking at this compared to if I had done it on their myspace page. Same thing with a status about me getting drunk I put up and ended up taking down because I remembered coworkers are heavy on facebook and I don't play that "Mike so you were drunk" shit on Monday mornings ya dig?!

Facebook: My real name, my real email, my real cellphone, not private, Kosher, safe news articles about politics.
Myspace: Fake name, Fake Email, No contact numbers, Private, reckless, crazy blogs about sex, politics and racism.

This ends my PSA and know that I talk in vague inside joke language like ("Tar baby is still that deal even though I don't mention her that much" "Mail Room Sue doesn't get dissed no more since she cut her first independent album" "Clementine you are mad comic relief, stay in school learn to read!") on facebook, see 99 percent of you have no idea what I am talking about. If your comment gets deleted it's not personal it's just business. Feel free to comment though, I don't want an empty wall just keep it 100 on myspace and 50 on facebook.

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