Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I don't care anymore

People are getting mad about this picture, and rightfully so, but who cares? They were talking about Congress, not Obama, but I am sure they knew what they were doing and knew it would be taken that way so weak excuse. My problem is people get very mad over this for nothing.

Here's why I don't care. My parents adopted my shit faced cousins kids because she was taking drugs and dating a coke dealer, she is pregnant, I could at this point care less if she died. This was the first time I had witnessed a person high on drugs crashing and I have no heart for her or anyone else. People complain there is racism, so? If you want to be a millionaire in this country you can be one. If you work hard you can be whatever you want no matter what race you are. I would actually believe sexism is a much bigger problem then racism. Instead we have a bunch of negative statistics for us black folk because we externalize our problems, that shit starts at home.

The Obama thing doesn't bother me because he is president, he could care less. If klansmen were taking shots I would be upset but cartoons, no matter how racist they are don't hurt people. I brought up my cousin because people talk about how black men are being killed by cops, who? When was the last time a law student was killed by a cop? No it's pooky and them trying to steal a car. If you commit a crime in this society and you are black, expect to be shot. Instead of committing less crimes they keep on and have Al sharpton get on tv.

Here's some things to think about...
You don't want to get shot by the cops, shut your mouth.
You don't want to be accused of being a dead beat dad, respect your woman and don't sleep around.
You hate stereotypes, break them.

I am tired of defending criminals. Now I am not saying anyone deserves to die I am thinking if theres a good chance you will be killed by the cops, sit your ass in school and work hard instead of "hustling." All these ghetto stories about having a crack head for a mom and still loving her, fuck you and fuck her. Anyone willing to take drugs when they have a child doesn't deserve a second chance.

We live in a country where any black man can rise to be president yet there are still so many of us who cry racism. We all know it exist, but that doesn't give an excuse for the behavior of our culture at all. I used to be one on the side lines rooting for black folks but don't care anymore. It's 2009, I don't care about poor anyone else (white, spanish, etc...) then why should I care for you?

I dunno my cousins child being abused, she taking drugs in front of her has really opened my eyes to the problems we have in our culture and it disgust me. If you are doing great, do great, don't make excuses for the ignorant. I say become teachers, tutorers, and focus on the kids...fuck the adults.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

“He hit the roof . Chris is a walking dead man. He messed with the wrong crew”

Reason number 5003 why I like Jay-Z, he isn't an idiot.

Apparently Chris Breezy has had a record of touching on Rihanna and as always I say if you get hit once and you don't leave, oh well. But here's the problem I have with our society...second chances. Certain things should never warrant a second chance and no amount of therapy will change it.

I was reading responses from idiots like Terrance howard and they were acting like what he did was normal life. Talks of prayer and getting help, no. Our retarded culture prays when men cheat, prays when men beat their wives, pray when men do everything. I am sorry but heres the cause, BEATINGS. Domestic violence in the black community is appauling. Son's grow up watching their mothers get beaten, Chris, and surprise surprise he beats his girl. Why can't we ever get to the psychological root of the problem instead of brushing it over.

Spare the rod and spoil the child is a bit over done in our community as well. Nothing wrong with smacking a hand or small spankings when kids are small but tearing into a 10 year old isn't accomplishing shit but creating a culture where if someone does you wrong, beat them, that'll learn them.

I used to be all for beatings but as I get older I see my younger cousins who are beat for any stupid reason and see how bad they are in the end anyway. We laugh at time outs and bratty white kids but in the end they grow up with the degrees and the families etc. Don't get me wrong they smack women up, alcoholics, etc... but its not nearly as bad as the blatant disrespect females in our culture recieve...