Thursday, February 12, 2009

“He hit the roof . Chris is a walking dead man. He messed with the wrong crew”

Reason number 5003 why I like Jay-Z, he isn't an idiot.

Apparently Chris Breezy has had a record of touching on Rihanna and as always I say if you get hit once and you don't leave, oh well. But here's the problem I have with our society...second chances. Certain things should never warrant a second chance and no amount of therapy will change it.

I was reading responses from idiots like Terrance howard and they were acting like what he did was normal life. Talks of prayer and getting help, no. Our retarded culture prays when men cheat, prays when men beat their wives, pray when men do everything. I am sorry but heres the cause, BEATINGS. Domestic violence in the black community is appauling. Son's grow up watching their mothers get beaten, Chris, and surprise surprise he beats his girl. Why can't we ever get to the psychological root of the problem instead of brushing it over.

Spare the rod and spoil the child is a bit over done in our community as well. Nothing wrong with smacking a hand or small spankings when kids are small but tearing into a 10 year old isn't accomplishing shit but creating a culture where if someone does you wrong, beat them, that'll learn them.

I used to be all for beatings but as I get older I see my younger cousins who are beat for any stupid reason and see how bad they are in the end anyway. We laugh at time outs and bratty white kids but in the end they grow up with the degrees and the families etc. Don't get me wrong they smack women up, alcoholics, etc... but its not nearly as bad as the blatant disrespect females in our culture recieve...



Jay_fever said...

So much to comment about, but I'm not trying to post a blog disguised as a comment. So I'll just say "I agree" and be out.

Afr0disiac said...

I agree. I think the problem we have in the black community is that we don't take the time to see what works for our children. We just beat them...across the board. Whoopins(I'm from the south!) do work for some children but for others a strong talking to, punishment or time out does, like you said. My daughter is not "bad", but she has a mouth. Granted I have beat her butt from time to time when she's done something exceptionally bad (cursing me out on my answering machine when she was 5...and I'm talking Samuel L. Jackson cursing!) but I have to look at the type of personality she has and punish her in ways that are just as effective. She's 11 now so going to the school after she mouthed off to one of her teachers and pulling her out of class to go apologize to him worked better than any amount of beating the brakes off her would have. The embarrassment did wonders. The sad part was the teacher was just happy to see a parent! Anyway, we have to learn to not lump our kids into this abusive cycle and figure out ways to make them productive members of society.

I know lurkers don't get to make such long comments but I felt compelled :-)

mslareid said...

If Jay actually made that comment...he just became THAT GUY to me even more. I can def. appreciate a dude that is willing to step up and defend a lady in that situation. While everybody else is telling Chris to pray or making jokes about the is a serious issue and warrants serious attention. Granted we are human and make mistakes but there are consequences for our actions. So if Bleek, Beans, Freeway,or even Tru Life hood ass show up at your door ready to scrap...YOU DESERVE IT, blame Newton and his 3rd Law!!!

...Biting is for bitches, Chris get some help!

Mr. Jolla said...

LOL L.Ayee....yeah, that biting shit screamed "ghei" to me. UNLESS she had a grip on your balls and you were trying to find some other way to get free other than giving her the Tiger Uppercut...but you still gave her that anyway, so IDK...

Shame on Hov saying "crew" like Rihanna is a biker or gang member...old ass nigga.

But yeah, I agree with everything said Mikey, thus cementing YOUR status as 'that dude'...fuck Hov. (II)

Ms_Slim said...

LOL @ Ronnie's (II) to indicate a 'pause'.

Anyway, I DEFINITELY agree and really couldnt agree more. There's nothing more to add other than to cosign on EVERYTHING that has already been said.

Thanks :)

A Genius said...

I SERIOUSLY doubt Jay-Z said that.

Good shit though.