Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fail Economy Fail!

I gotta say I love housing prices dropping and people getting paid less! I LOVE IT! Why? Because we have cars marketed to 16 year olds and houses that cost 100% more then they did 8 years ago.

Around 2003-2004 I was shitting myself wondering how I would ever be able to afford a home when small houses were selling for $300k. Those same houses are selling for $150k now and I can't be happier! I feel like everything is evening out. 16 year olds should drive 20 year old cars instead of being able to get brand new Scion TC's. It should be rare instead of the norm for kids to drive brand new cars like it was bad in the day. You should start with a Condo or a small house instead of being 25 and getting credit enough to get a house in a gated community.

Yay for recessions!!!!!!!


Ms_Slim said...

I couldnt agree more, Mike!! I feel like my tax dollars are REALLY working for me now haha


stephanie said...

i feel you.
my fam just bought a house
last year and w/o the recession
that shit wouldn't have happened.