Thursday, March 12, 2009

Whip Goals

I was listening to Adam Carolla, as always!, and he was talking about how blacks and hispanics buy $10,000 cars dump $30,000 into them and end up with $8,000 cars. Basically "Custom" products don't make a cars value go up. If you want to restore an old car restore it with stock items or brand name 3rd party items like Brabus parts for your benz or Roush parts for your Mustang. Candy Paint fruit loop themed donks don't sell for any more LOL.

I think I am doing pretty good for my age and the economic climate. I have been trying to go above and beyond lately when it comes to work so I can get experience and money up! Being a sucker for old school whips I have been checking out a few. The problem with old school cars is you can't finance them so they are usually bought with out right cash. Here's a short list of cars I want and believe I can get.

1st goal:

BMW E30 1989-1994 ($2000-$8000)
The car is just the shit. My uncle had a 5 series from this year when I was a kid and it was quite dope. I plan on getting this one by at least 30 years old so I have 5 and a half years to get it.

2nd Goal:

Honda NSX
1990-2001 ($15,000 - $40,000)
This one I want when I am 35. Probably the most underrated super car every made and mad affordable. I don't see any problem owning this as long as I stick to 2 kids, no more! I will need to have a 3 car garage by this point though.

3rd goal :

Ferrari F355: 1994–1999 ($60,000-$80,000)
This is what I will call the midlife crisis college fund?! BAH! Yall better get scholarships! I am trying to throw my fake hair on and getting 23 year old honey dips. Yep Honey dips and I will be using that term in 2023.


Assertive Wit said...

LOL @'ll be old enough to use it and get away with it by then too LOL

Ms_Slim said...

I laughed pretty damn hard at 'honeydips' myself. hahaha

I dig that first car the most. I love vintage cars that look good! That ferrari isnt old enough...but that first car goes hard!